There are two different thoughts on what pitchers should do after they throw in a game, put ice on your arm or not.  

Theory one is that when you pitch, muscles tear in your arm and then they begin to swell and bleed.  If you put ice on your throwing arm it is supposed to stop the bleeding faster and help pitchers get ready for their next outing.  Some would say that it significantly shortens your recovery time.  

Theory two is that ice will stop the bleeding, but also freeze the blood and lactic acid, making it more difficult to flush out the muscles out. These believers feel like pitchers should run or workout after pitching to get the blood pumping and that gets the blood and lactic acid out of your arm helping to heal things faster.

I’ve tried both methods, and feel like there is a right time for both.  If you throw a lot of pitches and know you are not going to pitch for a while, I say why not ice?  If you have not thrown a ton of pitches and think you may pitch in a day or so, skip the ice.  Either way pitchers should be on a strict conditioning program, and do a fair amount of running and strength training throughout the week.  To make this easy, do what makes your arm feel best and do whatever you need to do to be ready for your next outing.  Only the pitcher knows what makes his arm feel good.        

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