This is something that has been a hot topic for years, and everyone has his or her own idea of the best way to gain velocity.  I’ve tried it all, weighted balls, rubber bands, weights, long toss, straps, weighted gloves, special workouts, and power necklaces.  In my professional opinion, velocity comes from three main things: strength, flexibility, and mechanics.  Pitchers must be strong throughout their entire body.  Velocity starts from the legs and hips, goes up through the core, and finally to the shoulder and arm.  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  I promote a full body workout that focuses on major muscles and even strength.  Range of motion in the shoulders, hips, and legs is extremely important!  


That brings me to my next velocity builder, flexibility.  Pitchers should stretch on a daily basis, not just their throwing arm but there entire body.  Loose flexible muscles are quick; tight stiff muscles are slow.  The last time I checked we were trying to create as much hand speed as possible, right?  You can be loose as a goose and strong as an ox but if your mechanics are poor, velocity will suffer.  Good mechanics allow everything to work together to create maximum velocity and minimum risk of injury.  Again, everyone has their opinion on what perfect mechanics are, some better than others.  The best way to determine right from wrong is to watch some of your favorite big leaguers who have been healthy pitch in slow motion!  This way you can really see what is going on.  All pitchers are a little different; you need to find what works for you instead of that cookie cutter style.  

I will be writing a new article every week covering baseball's hottest topics.  Coming soon are articles about mechanics, grips, hitting, and many other interesting topics.  Also, I will have articles written by various big league players.   Please feel free to participate in my blogs and ask questions.