• Comprehensive Video Analysis

    Comprehensive Video Analysis

    Our lessons are the best in town because they include video analysis! This is the only way to see exactly what is going on throughout your motion. We take it frame by frame and show you where improvements can and will be made. Read More
  • Specialized Training

    Specialized Training

    Private lessons can focus on Pitching, Hitting, Catching, or Fielding.  Our qualified staff will help your athlete with mechanics, mental approach, training regimen, and specific baseball / softball skills.  Video analysis is included. Read More
  • Off Season Team Training

    Off Season Team Training

    Let our professional staff train your team this off season.  These training sessions will be a progressive build up towards the beginning of your team’s regular season.  Our professional staff will instruct your team and coaching staff in all aspects of the game.  Read More
  • Elite Pitching Development

    Elite Pitching Development

    ELITE PITCHING DEVELOPMENT Elite Pitching Development program helps pitchers gain velocity, build mechanical efficiency, command pitches better, develop better secondary stuff, understand the mental side of pitching, build an individual arm care and injury prevention program, and help pitchers develop the skills high school, college, and professional coaches look for while recruiting pitchers. Read More
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Importance of In-Season Lessons

It is very important that players keep their mechanics and fundamentals tuned up throughout the season.  Players work hard in the off-season on building their throwing, pitching, hitting, and fielding mechanics, and once the season begins it is a must that players make the time to stay sharp.  Don't let you mechanics and fundamentals deteriorate or revert back to the way they were at the beginning of the off-season.  Instead, stick with your training and continue developing and building on the solid foundation you built with your instructor over the fall and winter months.  This will insure that your progression continues on the right track, and keep you clear of any mid-season mechanical breakdowns.  IF YOU ARE NOT CONSTANTLY IMPROVING, OTHERS ARE PASSING YOU BY!

Strength Training

We are excited to announce Cameron Berra as our new strength and conditioning coach!  

Programs, pricing and other info coming soon!!

Catching Clinic

Practice factory will be holding a catchers clinic on Saturday,  March 16th from 12om - 2pm.  It will be run by former college catcher Greg Robinson, who has been teaching this specialized art for many years.  It is the perfect way for players ages 6 - 14, to improve on their skills behind the plate.  The camp will focus on receiving, blocking, throwing, calling pitches, as well as other aspects of the position.  Spots will be limited, so sign up in advance!!   

Meet Our Instructors!

We have a great staff of knowledgeable coaches who know the game inside and out.
Come meet them here >>

What We Do

  • Pitching
  • Hitting
  • Fielding

Our professional instructors work with students on building and fine-tuning proper and efficient pitching mechanics, by implementing drills and techniques designed to improve young pitchers' control, velocity, and command. Along with focusing on the mechanical aspects of pitching, our instructors place a significant emphasis on mound composure, pitching intelligently and efficiently, as well as learning to exploit hitters' weaknesses.

Our hitting instructors believe that elite hitters not only strive to develop and repeat solid mechanics, but also intently focus on hitting approach, vision, and timing. At the Practice Factory, our instructors work with students on all aspects of hitting, by means of tee-work, soft toss and front toss drills, and live hitting situations.

One of the most overlooked and under-appreciated skills in amateur and professional baseball; fielding, is a part of the game our instructors love to teach. Students will be taught how to approach the ball, whether on the ground or in the air in the infield or outfield. Many do not understand the importance of proper footwork and ball-handling skills, and our instructors do an excellent job of teaching fielders the most efficient way possible to field his/her positions.

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